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Home Nursing Service Dhaka


Service is a marketing,which basically markets something that is invisible, untouchable yet recognizable. For example, the service provided by the hospital authorities. The topic of our discussion today is service.What is the purpose of service?You will be able to know all these things today.And in front of you, Home Nursing service Dhaka will highlight everything about this.Let’s start with, our Bangladesh size is 1,47,610 sq km.Of this, Bangladesh has a population of one hundred and eighty million.Fifty percent of the one hundred and eighty million people live in the city.People living in this city have many problems.Of these, one of the problems is the problem of proper medical care.There are different types of medical care, including child care, care for a variety of diseases, and care of older parents and care of pregnant mothers.We will discuss these services in detail now.

What is childcare?

Baby care is an important step in medical science.This is because the importance of early childhood is important for a child to grow up. When a baby is born, it needs proper and nutritious food. An environment where she can grow properly.And enough time will be available from family members. According to medical science, children are experiencing a number of changes.As such, being alone is hindering their mental development. Home Nursing service Dhaka is bringing a very important service to children. Through which our children can get rid of all these problems.

Now we will talk about nurses,

The nurse is the nurse who provides medical care at home or in the hospital.The nursing profession began about a few hundred years ago. Before that, it was unknown to humans.Nursing services are launched in one of the countries in Europe. From then on, the scope of this system has become a worldwide phenomenon. As everyone became aware of this phenomenon,All countries invest heavily in this profession.In countries where the population is large and women’s rights are in question.In those countries, the nursing profession plays a very important role.Such as Bangladesh India, Myanmar and other countries.

There are many private service providers in Bangladesh,Who employs nurses and provides nursing services. One such institution is Home Nursing Service Dhaka.

What is the care of the elders?

Caring for the elderly is an important factor. This type of care is usually provided to people over the age of fifty.This type of care is provided to older people suffering from various diseases.What a nurse does in this case is,Providing care for an elderly person and helping them with their daily activities.These tasks are considered very important to an elderly person.Their work is divided into three parts.Morning work is afternoon work and afternoon work.Morning work involves breakfast and brushing and bathing.Feeding drugs and doing physical activity.Afternoon work involves bathing, massaging properly, and more.In the afternoon work is involved with the night, the tasks that are done in the afternoon are to give the elderly time.Eating coffee or tea together is a treat. Etc.

All these services will be available to us at Home Nursing Service Dhaka. Home Nursing Service Dhaka will provide you with advanced services.